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Related post: Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 10:41:40 -0500 From: numlfl Subject: The Rich Little Home Builders - Part FiveThis story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author. The Rich Little Home Builders Part FiveBy Chris "Can't we talk about it in the morning love?" Daphne asked as she resisted her by slapping her hands away. "No, it's important and we need to talk about it now." Christine said reaching down to pull Daphne up in bed. "Why don't I like the sound of this?" Daphne said as she sat up but she had a frown on her face. "Well what is it?" She asked impatiently. "I think we should wait until we both have been in school for a month before we talk." Christine said as she waited for Daphne's reply and she got the expected response. "Fuck! Why should we bloody well wait that fucking long!" Daphne told her. Christine tried to remain calm as she said, "Because we have been with each other twenty-four- seven for the last two and half months. I think we need time apart to see where we stand." "What are you tired of me already?" Daphne demanded to know. "Oh god no, I cute russian girls love you to death but I think that we need some time to see how we both really feel. Is what we have real or is it just a summer romance." Christine told her. "Well I can bloody well answer that right now. This is no fucking summer romance to me, is it for you?" Daphne demanded to know. "No I told you that I love you to death but all the same I think we should not call, email, or visit each other until the month is over with." Christine said then she added, "Unless something comes up and we need to talk but it has to be a life and death thing." "What you afraid I'm going to get all depressed without you?" Daphne asked feeling more than a little defensive. "No, I'm afraid that I'll get homesick and lonely without you." Christine said sincerely and she saw that Daphne's face softened. Christine waited as Daphne just sat there and she wondered what Daphne was thinking and what she would do. If she threatened to break it off if they couldn't talk or see each other then she would give in black cat russian nude but this was important to her. The wait seemed to go on forever and the silence from Daphne was killing her but then she saw an almost wicked grin come across Daphne face however it was there for just an instant before it was gone replaced with a frown. nonude russian "If I have to go with it then I guess I will but I'm doing so under protest." Daphne said with a sigh. Christine began to suspect that Daphne had something up her sleeve and she wanted to call her on it but then Daphne threw her for a flip with her next comment. "But if I find out that you are doing this so that you can check out the girls at Princeton then I'm coming up there to kick you arse all over the campus." "Fair enough but the same goes for me." Christine said with a smile. "So you cool with this?" "No, but I'll go along with it. However at the end of that month, I'm on the plane coming east to see you." Daphne told her then she pulled Christine to her giving her a passionate kiss. Christine felt Daphne push her backwards as they kissed so that they ended up on the bed with Daphne on top of her kissing and loving on her. They kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes before settling down to sleep. "Thanks for going along with me on this." Christine whispered to her as she turned to her side letting Daphne pulled her into their normal sleeping position. "Sure thing love, anything for you." Daphne told her kissing her on the back of the neck. Christine still felt like Daphne was hiding something as she had given in much too quickly. She was actually surprised that she cp top list tgp gave in at all. But she thought that she had all the bases covered so she went on to sleep. "Oh god I'm going to miss you." Christine told Daphne as they held each other half way between the two gates that they would be catching their flights. "You know we could just forget all about your little plan." Daphne suggested as she wiped the tears running down Christine cheeks. "I know we can but I want that for us." Christine said as she wiped the tear that was running from Daphne's eye going down her cheek. "I know you do." Daphne said and Christine saw a devious sparkle come into Daphne's eyes for a moment but then it was gone. "It's getting close, classic russian porn we need to go." Christine said as she gripped Daphne tightly no wanting to ever let her go. "I know." Daphne said gripping her just as tightly. They held each other for a couple of minutes before they kissed each other with tears running down both their cheeks. As they parted they held onto each other's hands until only their fingertips were touching. Christine felt the tears pouring down her face as their fingers parted. She gave a smile to Daphne then turned to hurry to her gate. Christine sat there already missing her friend so much as she waited for the plane to begin to russian felix book boys load. Her tears had stopped but her heart was still crying for Daphne. Just as they were calling for the first class passengers to board, her phone buzzed telling her that she had a text message. She opened her phone and saw that the message was from Daphne and she frowned. She opened the text message and read, "Missing you already, love Daphne." Christine smiled despite Daphne having violated their deal. Christine texted back, "I thought there was to be no contact, you agreed." A few seconds later she got a return message, "No you said and I quote "no email, phone, or visits". You didn't say anything about texts." "Well I am adding texts to the list now." Christine texted back. She waited for the reply and she got it almost immediately which told her that Daphne was a step ahead of her and she was as it said, "Can't change rules now, you're stuck with allowing texts. Don't you miss me yet, I said I missed you." "Yes I miss you." Christine texted back as she had to smile. She had gotten most of what she wanted and besides she wasn't sure she could go without any communication with Daphne for a whole month as she had stated. "Thought so, love you too, boarding now next text coming when I land," Daphne texted back. Christine heard the last call for her plane to board so as she headed for the plane, she texted back, "I should have known that you'd find a loop hole. Love Christine." Then just as she was buckling in, her phone russian dildos buzzed her. She quickly opened it to read the message from Daphne before they announced that all electrical equipment had to be turned off, "Of course I would; otherwise I wouldn't have gone along with your bloody idea." Christine laughed at Daphne's response and the lady beside of her gave her a strange look. She knew she should have expected nothing less of her smart, sneaky friend to find a loop hole in her thinking. The flight attendant then announced that all electronic equipment had to be turned off so Christine didn't get to come aniaml sex top list back with something to top her but she didn't have the time nor could she think of anything that quickly. She knew she would always a step behind Daphne when it came to a battle of the wits. As soon as she landed and could turn on her phone, gay russians she was glad to see that Daphne hadn't left another message so she was obviously still in the air. Christine quickly typed out another text message to Daphne, "I have you know that I'm allowing text messages under protest. Plus now I'll have to get a phone with one of those damn keypads made for texting." Christine was collecting her bag when her phone buzzed. "You can protest until the cows come home as you Americans love to say." Daphne texted back and then before Christine could text anything back she got another message. "Also get international calling and texting to your phone as I'm going to home to England with Mum and Dad for a week." "I think I already got that but will make sure. And by the way you're just as much American as British so there." Christine texted back. "Don't tell my Mum that, she hates it when I use American expressions. She's here so talk to you later, Love ya!" Daphne texted to her. Christine smiled at Daphne's use of "Love ya" as that would be something that she might have used. Christine made a quick call home before heading out to her car which she found dusty and water stained. So as soon as she got out of the airport, she found an auto detailing place beastiality top list to have her car cleaned inside and out. Once it was shinny and new looking again, she headed home. Christine went on home spending the rest of the evening telling her parents what all she did and how much fun it was even though it was hard work. Her mother still didn't like the idea of her doing what she did all summer but masturbating russians she could see that she had gained some respect in her father's eyes. He proclaimed that it was the best thing that she could have done and that made Christine feel good. She told them about the friend she had made while she was away. She didn't mention that she and her new friend were also lovers. That minor detail, she decided could wait for a bit longer and maybe best left to let slip out a little tgp top list at a time, a very little bit at a time. Maybe by this time next year, she would be ready to tell them. Late sexy russian women that night as she was getting ready for bed; she sent a text to Daphne telling goodnight and sweet dreams. She immediately got one back stating, "Sweet dreams to you too love, hope you have lots of erotic dreams about me." Christine laughed as she blushed a bit then she texted back, "I hope you wake up with wet panties too." "Sorry but that's not possible, not wearing any knickers, so it will be wet sheets." Daphne texted her. "Oh god you're impossible!" Christine as she was getting ready for bed then she reached down to push her panties down then off. She couldn't resist caressing her pussy just a bit as it was starting to tingle. As she lay down in her bed to finish what she had started, she got another message from Daphne, "Quit playing with your pussy, that's my job." Christine felt her face turn red and she retracted her hand from her pussy. "How did you know that was what I was doing?" Christine replied. Christine got a russian underground sex text back but not as quickly as she thought she would. But when she did get it, she saw that there was an attachment to the text. "Because that's what I'm doing as I think of you. Attached is something help you along." Daphne texted back. Christine quickly opened the attachment and her jaw dropped as she found herself looking at a very naked Daphne with her legs parted and a "Come hither" look in her eyes. Christine felt her pussy get real moist and she quickly brought her hand down to it rubbing her pussy and clit until she had a small orgasm as she looked at Daphne's picture. She then got up and tried to take a picture of herself with the camera on her phone nude boy top list but that wasn't working. So then she went and got her digital camera. She started to wipe her pussy clean but then decided to show Daphne as she was and what her picture had caused her to do. She first took a couple of her standing with her legs spread and what she hoped was a very sexy pose. She then decided to send her one of her pussy and show her how wet she was with her juices and girlcum leaking out of it. She couldn't believe that she was doing this but she was. As she looked at the pictures, she felt so embarrassed by them but she was determined to return the favor. She picked out a couple of the best ones then took a few minutes to get them downloaded to her phone. She texted, "I hope this makes you do what I just did." She then attached the first couple of photos of her standing naked to the message then hit the send button before she could change her mind. "If you need further evidence, here it is." She texted immediately thereafter and attached the picture of her wet pussy. "Oh bloody hell!" Daphne texted back and attached was a picture of Daphne's pussy with two fingers deep inside of her. Christine gasped as she saw the picture of Daphne's pussy with two of her fingers inside. Christine picked up her phone and she aimed it at her pussy and before snapping a couple of pictures she pushed two fingers deep inside of herself. She didn't bother with a text, she just sent a couple of pictures. As she waited for a message back from Daphne, she fingered her pussy hard as she finger fucked herself hard and fast, looking through the pictures that Daphne had sent to her. Just after cumming again, this time much harder, she got another picture from Daphne with her pussy lips spread and her juices running out of it as she had obviously just had a nice orgasm. Christine gasped again looking at the picture then she spread her pussy lips out wide and sent another picture with her own girlcum flowing from her pussy. "Oh fuck, I won't have to wait to wake up with wet sheets, they're already wet." Daphne said. "I know the feeling, love you so much." Christine texted back with another picture but this time it was just of her face and she was blowing Daphne a kiss. "Sweet dreams, I love you too, think of me holding you tightly as you go to sleep." Daphne texted back with a picture of her returning the kiss. "I'm holding you too." Christine texted back to her as she lay back down in her bed to sleep. russian sex top When she woke up, she found that she had another text from Daphne. "Morning love, on the way home to England. Talk to you tonight." "Hope you have a good trip. Love you babe." Christine texted back. Christine felt so happy as she got out of bed. She did miss Daphne but she felt good about their relationship. The fact that Daphne found a loop hole in her idea of no communication just added to that feeling. Though she had wished she had thought of text messaging but unlike most people her age, she had never used it much. Everyone she was friends with went to the same private school as she did and they weren't allowed to use their cell phones during the day. They had to be left in their rooms when they were in class. Thus she russian porno free video failed to mention that way of communication when she was laying down the rules. Still she couldn't wait for school to start so that she could get that month past and she would be able to see Daphne again, though she worried about that first meeting after being away for so long. She got ready for her day then headed down to see what her mother was up to that day. She was sure that she would have something planned for them and she did. It was to be a shopping day for what she would need when she russian girls 14 got to Princeton. This was something she wanted to do on her own however she had been gone all summer so she had to give something back to her mother and this was to be it. She enjoyed the day however she kept looking at her phone to see if Daphne had landed yet. It wasn't until late that afternoon before her phone buzzed. "Landed in good porno child top list the good ole UK, now have to learn how to speak correct English again as my mum says. Love ya! Opps, I meant I love you my dear." Daphne wrote in her text. Christine smiled and her mother asked rape pics top list what she was smiling about, and she just told her that her friend had landed back in England and had to learn how to speak English again. Her mother frowned at that but didn't question her any more or asked to see the message, thank god. Christine typed back, "Well if you Britain's would pull that cork out of your arse, you would learn to relax and not worry about how you speak. Love ya back!" "Cork! Cork in our Arse's! I have you know I don't have a cork in my ass, but would love to feel your tongue in it." Daphne texted back causing Christine to russian incest mom son blush at her raunchy comment. Her mother gave her another funny look and seemed impatient that she was taking up their shopping time texting so she quickly texted back, "Play nice, with my mother. I'll text you back tonight. Love" Most of the clothes that her mother had picked out for her were what was in vogue right then and that meant it was tight fitting. Christine had to admit that she was able to fit into clothes she had never been able to wear before however she found that she had gotten used to the loose fitting clothes that she had worn all summer. They had just become more natural for her to wear. But she gladly took the clothes that her mother picked out and she even put on one of the outfits for dinner with her father and mother and some family friends. However Christine couldn't wait to get home and put on some of her old sweats that now almost swallowed her. It was after eleven that night before she got home and she immediately checked for any messages but she had none so she figured that like her, Daphne was being kept busy. Christine lay down on her bed first with her sweats on but then that didn't feel right so she stripped out of them having now gotten used to sleeping naked with Daphne. She first looked through some of the pictures of Daphne that she had sent to her and that got her juices flowing. She quickly texted, "Guess what I am looking at right now and what I'm doing." Christine began to rub her pussy and pinch her nipples as she waited for the return message which took longer than she would have thought but after about ten minutes it came. "For only you would I wake up at four bloody AM. And it had better be me and you had better be playing with that cute pussy of yours." Christine saw the first part and couldn't believe how stupid she was, Daphne was now five hours ahead of her. "Oh god I'm sorry go back to sleep and we'll talk when you get up." "Too late, I'm now looking at your pussy and I'm doing what I hope you're doing. Let's see who cums first." Daphne typed back. "You're on!" Christine typed back as she frigged her pussy with one hand as she went through the pictures of Daphne with her other hand. Her pussy was getting super wet and she finger fucked herself for a few minutes before going to her clit with her wet fingers and rubbing that hard little nub hard. She pinched and pulled on it as she dreamed about Daphne sucking and licking her. It didn't take her long before she felt her orgasm coming on and soon it was there. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud as she felt her pussy leaking out its girlcum. As soon as she had recovered, she picked up her phone where she had dropped it on the bed when she came and saw that Daphne had already sent her a message. "I just came; damn you make me so bloody horny." "I just came too and you make me just as horny, now go back to sleep and dream about me as I dream about you." Christine texted back. "Will do, sweet dreams love." She texted to her. "Sweet dreams to you to babe." Christine texted back then she flipped her phone closed lying on her side wishing Daphne was there holding her. The next morning after texting Daphne, she went out and bought herself the latest phone that did about everything and had a regular keypad so she could type easier. She also upgraded her phone plan to free naked russian photopersonals include everything that they had. It was a good thing that money wasn't an issue as the plan was going to cost her a bundle every month but Daphne was worth it. They ended up texting each other about ten to twenty times a day as the next week and half passed. Then it was time for them both to head out to school. Christine was able to drive to Princeton with her mother and father following close behind which meant she had teens top list pink to obey the speed limit. Daphne on the other hand, flew out with her parents tagging along. Once there, she and her father went out and bought her a new car to drive. Both were required to live on campus however with their money and influence, they were able to get around that rule. Christine's family just happened to own an nude russian tgp upscale hotel just off campus so she was set up in a suite there. The bank that Daphne's father worked for owned a major bank in Palo Alto so the manager there had found her a very nice apartment in a gated community so she was safe and secure being so far from her home in the US and much father from her home in russian mpgs England. So having money and influence paid dividends for both of them. The next day, Christine did allow a couple of emails so that they could reteen top list nude both show off their new digs. But she insisted that only pictures be sent and no messages. So there were several emails sent back and forth with lots of pictures attached. Then Christine got one final email with just one picture attached. She opened the picture and she had to laugh as Daphne had found another loophole and this was a very sexy loophole. Daphne was standing in front of her bed naked as the day she was born. However she had used lipstick to write on her stomach, "T-31 days till this is all yours." Christine not to be out done quickly stripped out of her clothes and wrote to Daphne on her stomach, "This will be waiting for you." She downloaded it to her computer bring it up to make sure it looked okay only to find that it showed up backwards in the picture. So she worked to get the lip stick back off and rewritten so Daphne would be able to read it. Then she took another picture and now satisfied, she sent it. Not thirty seconds after she sent the message, she got a text message on her phone that said, "Yum, Yum." Christine laughed and texted back, "Ditto". They went through about fifty messages a piece that day as they were pretty much free to talk as each just had to get register and pay their dues. Christine went around the campus finding her class rooms and getting used to her new home, texting to Daphne all that she was seeing. Daphne was doing pretty much the same thing with her texts. She was a little nervous and she let Daphne know that, Daphne encouraged her while at the same time admitting the same nervousness. The next day was the start of classes for both of them so the message count went way down but they still got quite a few in. Though Daphne did register her frustration over not being able to send long emails or just a plain ole phone call but Christine didn't relent. hentia top list She told her that once this period was over, they would both be free to send all the emails and make all the phone calls that they wanted. This seemed to satisfy Daphne a bit but she still stated her protests loud and clear. Christine wanted to give in as there was so much she wanted to talk to Daphne about but this period of now limited communication, she felt would be good for both of them. The month went both slowly and quickly for russian girls porn mpeg Christine. She found that she had to study more and that took up a lot of her free time however at night when she went to bed, she found that she missed Daphne so much and she didn't think that the nights would pass fast enough. However the day that Daphne would visit her did finally arrived. Christine knew that Daphne had only one class on Friday mornings and she had told her which flight she was taking out to see her. Christine knew with the time difference, Daphne wouldn't be able to get there until a little after four that afternoon. She herself had only one class on Friday and would be back to her suite by noon. That would leave her time to get both excited and nervous. Also covering her bases, she left a key card to her suite with the front desk, just in case she got stuck at school. She didn't see how she really could but she was just covering all her bases. She sent Daphne a text telling her that there was a room key if she needed it but assure her that she would be back in time. Christine had a hard time concentrating on her class watching her watch more than listening to her economics professor drone on about several different types of monetary policies. Christine had grown up listening to her father and others that worked for the family talk about the different economic policies of the US and other countries that they dealt with, so the professor wasn't talking about anything that she didn't already know in detail. The professor finally ended his lecture letting the class go about ten minutes early which was darkcollection top lists unusual at Princeton as most of the professors spent every second of their allotted time and even going over if they were in the middle of making a point. Christine wasn't about to complain as she packed up her laptop slipping out the side door of the large lecture hall that the first year economics class used. Christine lived just off campus and most days she walked to school as it gave her some exercise that she needed as she wanted to keep the weight off and keep her body halfway in shape that the summer of hard work had given her. So she headed across campus in a half trot wanting to get back to her suite not that she needed to be in a hurry as she still had at least four hours before Daphne would even be landing. Christine picked up her pace wanting to cover the couple of miles quickly. She was soaked in sweat when she made it to the hotel lobby and the cool air inside gave her a chill. She hurried to the elevators, cursing them for being so fucking slow. If she didn't live on the top floor she would have taken the stairs which she sometime did just to give her legs a workout. But she was already tired from the fast walk to the hotel, so she waited for the elevator which did finally arrive. She hurried in thankful that no one got in behind her that would make it stop at any floors before hers. At least it was a fast elevator so she was soon out the door running to her suite at the end of the hallway. Her suite took up the whole west end of the hotel. She put her key card, opening the door and heading inside. She dropped her book bag with her laptop inside on the desk that she used to study, then went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water draining most of it down in one gulp. From the kitchen, she headed to bathroom stripping off her clothes as she went. She turned on the shower before stripping off her bra and panties. She then jumped in, taking a quick shower as she wanted to be smelling nice when she went to pick up Daphne. When she got out she quickly dried her body and hair, then she walked naked to her bedroom. "Oh shit!" Christine screamed when she saw that someone was lying on her bed. "I expected a little romantic greeting but I'll take what I can get." A naked Daphne said from the bed. "Oh shit you scared the hell out of me girl!" Christine exclaimed as she put her hand to the doorway to support herself. "I'm still waiting for my romantic greeting..." Daphne said with a discontented sigh that Christine, now that she had herself back under control, could tell she was faking. "Oh I'll give you a romantic greeting you silly girl!" Christine said as she ran to the bed jumping on top of Daphne kissing her passionately. russian nudists gallery Christine welcomed Daphne's arms wrapping about her and holding her tightly. As the first intense kiss ended, their kisses became lighter as they used just their lips and between kisses they silently gazed into each other's eyes. Christine was feeling so great being with Daphne and feeling her adult top lists so close and she holding her so tightly. That told her more than anything else about how Daphne really felt about her. "I can't believe that you're here. I didn't think you would be in until late this afternoon."Christine said to her as she tenderly pushed the hair from Daphne's eyes where it had gotten missed up from the kissing and her running her fingers through it. "I paid this hot cheerleader to take notes for me so I skipped the class and took the redeye out here." Daphne said with a mischievous grin on her face. The only part that Christine heard was hot cheerleader and she responded as such, "Hot Cheerleader! You never mentioned sitting by a hot cheerleader!" russian gay top list "Oh I didn't, I thought I had." Daphne said all so casually which made Christine begin to believe that her leg was being pulled but two can play that game. "Well... maybe you'd rather be back at Stanford with your Hot Cheerleader!" Christine said pouting as she rolled off of Daphne curling up in a ball away from her. She made sure to duck her head down between her arms so that Daphne couldn't see her smiling as she knew she would give it away. "Oh you know I was kidding with you." Daphne said as she tried to pull Christine back over but Christine refused to budge. "You're just saying that to make me feel better, but I don't believe you." Christine said to her. "I was afraid that you'd find someone prettier to be with and you did." "Honey, if I had wanted her I wouldn't be here now would I?" Daphne said as she began to rub Christine's arm trying to sooth her. "Besides she isn't a cheerleader, she's a single mother with two young boys at home and she got a grant to go to school. She is very smart but a cheerleader she isn't. Believe me when I say that." "Are you telling me the truth?" Christine said finally acting like she just might be starting to believe her. "Yes I'm telling you the truth, I promise." Daphne said and she was now kissing her shoulder and the back of her neck. "Stop that, you're just trying to make me believe you." Christine said as she reached her right hand over to push Daphne away. However that was a mistake as Daphne grabbed her hand pulling her onto her back. The move surprised her so much that she couldn't hide the smile that was on her face until it was too late as the cat was out of the bag. "Oh I'm going to kill you! You had me worried for a minute there." Daphne said and Christine saw the relief on her face. "That's what you get for saying all that about the Hot Cheerleader!" Christine said with a laugh. "Oh you knew that I was messing with you." Daphne said pouting a bit on her own. "Yes I did, but I just had to be a little mean to you. It has been a whole month and half since I last was able to mess with your head." Christine told her. "And that is the very reason that I said the thirty-something mother, a rather plumb but extremely sweet mother, was a cute cheerleader." Daphne told her giving her a big grin. "Touch‚," Christine replied smiling. "So I'm assuming that you paid her well." "Yes mother, I paid her well and asked her to do it for the rest of the semester as I know there will be several more trips east." Daphne told her giving her a wink then a kiss. "So tell me about Stanford, I want to know all about it." Christine said as she turned onto her side so that she was now facing Daphne and not looking up at her. "Here we are both naked and you want to talk? We could be making mad passionate love right now." Daphne asked but Christine could tell that she was just as content as she was top list photo naturist to talk. "First we talk and then we can make love." Christine said with a shy smile. "Always making the rules aren't you?" Daphne said more than asked. "Yep and you are always finding loopholes in my rules." Christine countered. "Guilty as charged and to prove that point; how about us finding something to eat as we talk, I haven't eaten since I left California." Daphne told her. "Oh my, why didn't you tell me? Mom stocked my little kitchenette with everything healthy thing that a growing girl would need to survive." Christine said as she jumped up from the bed hauling Daphne to her feet. "What about some unhealthy things that a growing girl shouldn't be eating?" Daphne inquired. "That I stocked myself with." Christine said with a laugh. "Good, so what are we going to eat that we shouldn't?" Daphne asked as she followed her into the little kitchen. "How about a nice juicy cheeseburger with fries, will that fill that cute little belly of yours?" Christine asked as she bent down and planted a little kiss on Daphne's belly. top100 russian voyeur "Keep that up and we'll be back in the bedroom real quick." Daphne said as she put her hands to Christine's cheeks giving her a kiss. "In that case, you get to peel the potatoes." Christine said giving her a sweet grin. "You sure know how to spoil the mood." Daphne told her and Christine stuck her tongue out at her making Daphne laugh. "Get peeling or we won't have any French fries." Christine said as she got her little fry cooker out for the French fries. "I will as soon as you tell me where they are and where the knife is." Daphne told her. "I guess that would help wouldn't it." Christine said somewhat embarrassed. "Yea it would help just a wee bit." Daphne told her holding her thumb and index finger slightly apart. "Shut up!" Christine said giving Daphne a kiss as she went by her to the pantry getting a couple of potatoes out and then to the silverware drawer to get her a paring knife. "When did you learn to cook?" Daphne said as she began to peel the potatoes. "When I was a little girl, I would always go to the kitchen to watch Bailey, our cook, fix our dinner. She told me that if I was going to bother her as she worked then I'd have to help. When I was real small she would let me do the fun stuff but I also help her clean up the kitchen. Then as I got older, I got to do more. She was always full of stories that she told me as she cooked. She said that her father was the king of tall tales and when I was young, I believed everything she said. It was only later when I found out what the king of tall tales meant that I just listened to the stories for what they were. But she seemed to always put a moral to each story as I'm sure her father did." Christine told her as she began to fix the hamburger paddies. "She sounds like a great lady." Daphne told her. "She was." Christine said sadly. "What happened?" Daphne said as she stopped peeling for a moment. "She developed Breast Cancer when I went off to school but she wouldn't let anyone tell me. I was a typical teenager and had become a little too self-centered so I didn't notice that she had lost weight and her skin was paler each time I came home. Then right after I left for my senior year, my mom told me that Bailey had decided to retire and move in with her daughter and her family. I accepted this too but then when I came home for Christine break, my mom let it slip that Bailey's cancer had reappeared and it wasn't good. That was the first I knew about it and I knew I had to go see her. I talked mom into flying out to Lima, Ohio where she was. I almost didn't recognize her when I saw her. She had lost so much weight and was very weak. I got to talk to her alone for about an hour and I got to tell her just how much she meant to me and how much I did love her." Christine said as she wiped a tear from her eye, and then teen nudist top list she finished with, "She died three days later." Daphne came to her, giving her a hug and a little kiss. "At least you got to tell her how much you loved her and how much she meant to you." "Yea, I did but I regret not realizing that she was sick, I was so selfish and self centered. She suffered schoolgirls porn top list for at least three years and I never said anything to her. I was just a self-centered little bitch." Christine said feeling like she was about to cry. "Now don't be so hard on yourself, she didn't want you to worry and your mom never told you as she should have. Maybe you should have noticed that she had lost weight or was a little paler but I bet if you had asked, she would just told you that she was trying to lose weight or had a cold or something like that. Now wouldn't she?" Daphne asked. "Probably..." Christine said not letting herself off the hook so easily. "Probably or definitely?" Daphne pressed her. Christine thought for a second and she knew that Daphne was right, "Definitely but still..." "You got to tell her how much you loved her and you got to see her before she died, that is what you need to remember but more importantly you need to remember the fun you had cooking with her and the tall tales she told you. Speaking of which, tell me one right now as we make some of her hamburgers." Daphne said as she pulled back giving her a kiss and wiping the tears from her eyes. Christine thought for a moment and then she knew which one to tell as it was a favorite and she made Bailey tell her a thousand times. It wasn't a long tale but it was both funny and serious. After telling Daphne the story, she felt better and as she cooked the hamburgers, she told her a couple more of Bailey's tall tales. "Oh my god!" Daphne exclaimed after taking the first bite of her hamburger. "What's wrong? Does it taste bad?" Christine said feeling scared that she had ruined the hamburger and thus Bailey's recipe. "Oh hell no, it's the best burger that I've ever eaten." Daphne told her. "You're not just saying that are you?" Christine asked just to make sure. "No, it's great, what did you put into it, you got to tell me." Daphne replied as she wiped her mouth with her napkin. "I'm afraid foto nudist russian that Bailey swore me to secrecy on that, so I can never tell." Christine told her with a smile. russian bride fucked "You can't even tell me, your best friend and the gay top list greatest lover you've had." Daphne asked. nude russian kidds "You're my only lover and no not even you. However I am willing to make you a hamburger anytime you want. Will that do?" Christine offered. "I can live with that." Daphne told her smiling as she took a French fry dipping it in the gourmet ketchup before putting it into her mouth. russian schoolgirl pic "So tell me about Stanford, what's it like?" Christine asked as she picked up her own hamburger taking a bite. "Well there are so many sexy girls there; you wouldn't believe it and they all wear these short shorts and tight tops. I'm in a constant state of arousal..." Daphne was saying when Christine popped her on the back of the head with lesbo russian the open palm of her hand. "The school and classes, not the girls." Christine told her and Daphne laughed aloud. "Oh, I thought that you wanted to know about all the girls I want to get into my bed." Daphne said egging it on. "Keep it up and that'll be the last damn hamburger that I'll ever fix you." Christine warned her. "The campus is beautiful and I love my classes..." Daphne started out making Christine laugh. Daphne went on with how things were going for her as they slowly ate their hamburgers and fries. Daphne went on talking as they cleaned up the kitchen and got the dishes into the little dishwasher. Then they took their cokes into the living room where they settled down on the couch and it was Christine's turn to talk about Princeton. She was so excited about it and that showed in her voice as she talked. It was so nice just to be able to talk to Daphne instead of short little messages that could never reveal her feelings about being at incest top list sites school and also how she felt about the beautiful young woman sitting in front of her. They talked for a couple of hours just getting caught up with each other but then the time had come for the talking to stop and their lust for each other to take over. Daphne took the lead as she slipped closer to Christine on the couch. russian 18 boys Christine felt her heartbeat quicken the closer that Daphne got to her. By the time that Daphne's lips touched hers and Daphne's hands grasped her shoulders, Christine's heart was pounding within her heart so hard that she was afraid that it would burst. However that didn't stop her from putting her hands to Daphne's sides holding her as their lips touched, separated, coming back together in a more intense kiss and finally their lips opened for their tongues to touch and kiss as their lips kissed. Christine felt Daphne pushing her backwards so that she ended up on her back with Daphne lying on top of her. She felt Daphne's breasts touching hers and Daphne's pussy pressing against her own pussy. She could feel the heat and the beginnings of wetness which her own pussy was showing. Christine wrapped her arms around Daphne's back and she brought up her legs wrapping her legs around Daphne's waist. Daphne's tongue was moving around inside of her mouth and she was pushing down with her hips making their pussies rub together. Christine's breathing began to get shallow and faster and she noticed that Daphne's breathing was matching her own. Christine moved her hands down to Daphne's ass pressing down on it making Daphne rub her pussy against hers that much harder. Christine felt Daphne's hands slip between their bodies grasping her breasts, squeezing them and making her groan. Daphne began to kiss her cheeks and neck as they both concentrated of grinding their pussies together. Christine felt her pussy start to tingle and her clit getting sensitive as they clung together. Christine was grasping Daphne's ass cheeks pulling them apart and pressing down on them. She locked her ankles together forcing their bodies together. Soon she felt Daphne's body stiffen as she let out a deep moan indicating that she was having an orgasm. As Christine felt Daphne's girlcum hit her pussy, she too had her own orgasm. "Oh god I have missed doing that with you." Christine said with a sigh as she pushed the hair from Daphne's eyes. "So have I, love. And we got all weekend to spend making up for lost time, now that your trail separation is over. It is over isn't it?" Daphne asked with a smile. "I'll show you how over it is." Christine said with a wicked grin on her face. She then turned them around so that she was now on top of Daphne. She gave Daphne a light kiss on the lips, and then she got up on her hands and knees. She lowered her mouth to Daphne's right nipple kissing then sucking on it. As she let it go, she gave it a tender bite. She went over to the other nipple doing the same and making Daphne groan with each kiss, suck, and bite. She then kissed her way down explicit sex russian small to Daphne's belly kissing it as she went. She could smell Daphne's womanly scent which just made her even more aroused. She was just getting to Daphne's pussy when she heard her say, "Turn around, I want to please you too." Christine had wanted to just please Daphne first but then she looked up into Daphne's pleading eyes and she couldn't refuse her. Christine went on down taking a long slow lick up Daphne's pussy drinking in her girl juice, which was mixed with her own girl juice, before turning around on the couch which wasn't all that easy to do without falling off. Once they got in place, Christine felt Daphne's hands on her ass cheeks pulling them down. Christine felt Daphne's hot breath on her pussy just seconds before she felt her tongue on it. "Fuck that feels good," Christine moaned out before she dropped her head down between Daphne's thighs and she began to lick. She used her fingers to spread out Daphne's lips so that she could get her tongue in deep to get those juices out and to excite Daphne as she loved to do. Christine moved her tongue in and around inside of Daphne as Daphne licked her outer lips before going between them. Christine went to Daphne's clit, sucking and licking it as she slipped two fingers inside of her. She felt how tight Daphne's pussy was and how it gripped her fingers as she finger fucked her. Daphne was busy sucking on her clit and soon Christine felt two fingers entering her own pussy. She groaned and moaned as she felt her pussy being filled. Soon the sounds of their fingers and mouths echoed around the room and it was filled with their aroused scents. Christine wasn't sure who came first, all she knew was that when she came back to her senses after her own orgasm, Daphne was already finger fucking her and licking at her pussy and clit. Christine went right back to Daphne's pussy licking around her fingers getting the girlcum there before she too began to finger fuck her. Christine found that Daphne was so relaxed and wet that she could now get three fingers into Daphne's pussy really filling her up. Daphne moaned and groaned her approval so Christine began to fuck her with those fingers harder and faster. Daphne also began to ease another finger into Christine's pussy and it was a tight fit but as Christine got used to being so filled, she liked it moaning her approval back to Daphne. They went at it hard as they brought each other to yet another hard orgasm. This one being the most intense for Christine and it took a lot out of her, leaving her too sensitive to go on. Christine got back up on her hands and knees turning back around and laying on her side beside of Daphne as Daphne had turned to her side with her back against the back of the couch. She saw that Daphne's face was coated with her juices and she could feel Daphne's juices on her own face. They slowly came together, mixing their juices together as they kissed. She loved the thought of their coming together that way and it made her feel that much more closer to Daphne if that was possible at that moment. russian girls sex picks "That was wonderful," Christine told her giving her another kiss. "Indeed it was my love. How about a water and bathroom break and then let's retire to the bedroom. I suspect that it will be a little roomier than this couch." Daphne suggested. "Sounds like a jolly idea," Christine said using her best imitation of a British accent that she had been practicing since she had gotten to Princeton. Daphne was surprised and that made Christine smile until Daphne said, "I'd hold off on auditioning for My Fair Lady, if I was you." Daphne said keeping any of an American accent from her voice and using her best English. Christine frowned as she said, "I thought I did pretty well." "You did sweetie, you really did and by the time I'm done with you, you will be able to audition for Eliza and get it." Daphne told her as she gave her a kiss. "I going to the loo, you wouldn't happen to have any tea would you, I'd love a cup." Daphne asked. Christine replied as Daphne turned to walk toward the bathroom, "Oh shit I knew I forgot something." And she saw Daphne stop in her tracks. Slowly she turned and Christine saw Daphne trying not show her disappointment in her. Christine paused a moment then she acted as if she was thinking before she said, "But I just might have some Earl Grey bags, would that do in a pinch." Daphne's face broke out into a smile as she said, "I think I could make do with that if I had to, since that's all you got." Christine had to smile as she knew that was Daphne's favorite tea and she had it shipped in directly from a London Tea Shoppe that Daphne had mentioned to her more than once over the summer as she longed for a cup of tea at night. Christine hummed to herself as she put the water on to heat in a tea pot she also had bought from that same Tea Shoppe. By the time that Daphne had emerged from the bathroom looking refreshed and her hair back in place, Christine had the water about heated and her tea cups set out. She also had on the counter all the different teas that she had bought for Daphne. She had kept them hidden as she planned all along to surprise her. "I should have known that you'd cover all your bases." Daphne said coming over to her and giving her a kiss on the gay sex top liste cheek. "I just wanted you to feel at home." Christine said to her. "I'd feel at russian angel tgp home without the teas but it was a very nice touch." Daphne told her, and then she patted Christine on the butt saying, "Now go on to the loo and I'll fix you a great cup of tea." Christine had hoped to fix Daphne her first cup of tea together but then she realized that it might be better if the expert did the fixing so she could learn from her. Christine went on into the bathroom, looking at her face in the mirror. Her face still had some of Daphne's juices on it and her hair was a mess however her looks made her happy as she thought about what she and Daphne had just been doing. She then went to the toilet, sitting down to pee. She wiped herself off then got up going back to the sink. She turned on the warm water and taking the washcloth that Daphne had used, she washed first her face and then her pussy. She dried them both off before picking up her hair brush which Daphne had also obviously used. This was one of the few things that Daphne did that got on her nerves as Daphne was prone to pick up whatever was in front of her and use whether that be a toothbrush, hairbrush, lipstick, lip gloss or whatever. Christine had tried separating their things over the summer putting her things to the left and Daphne's to the right of the sink thinking that Daphne would reach with her right hand but that wasn't always the case as she found out. While this irritated her it wasn't enough to piss her off. She had gotten used to Daphne's ways now and just went along with them. And as much as she hated to admit it, she had even begun to use Daphne's stuff as if it were her own. So the fact that her hairbrush now had black hairs mixed with her own brown hairs didn't bother her as she ran the hairbrush through her hair. When her hair was back in place, she picked up her wet toothbrush to brush her teeth. "In here," Christine heard Daphne say as she exited the bathroom. Christine made a right turn going to her bedroom where she saw Daphne standing by the bed with a tray in her hands. "Playing maid now?" Christine asked grinning. russian illegal sex ru "You wish." Daphne told her. "Now sit down on the bed and take the tray you wench." Christine laughed as she got on the bed sitting Indian style before taking the tray from Daphne who then got on the bed sitting the same way. She took the tray from Christine placing it on their knees thus making them both have to sit still to prevent the tray from tipping over. "You know, this is our first afternoon tea." Daphne said smiling as she poured the tea into their cups. She then put just a touch of lemon and a bit of sugar into their cups stirring them with touching the sides of the fragile cups. "So it is," Christine replied using her fake British accent. "We've got to work on that accent." Daphne said with a laugh. Then she handed Christine her cup of tea, "Take a sip and tell me what you think." Christine brought the cup to her lips, she had never been a fan of tea but for Daphne, she would drink anything. She took a small sip and was surprised by the taste, it really did taste great. "I love it." Christine told her. "You're not just telling me that are you?" Daphne asked. nude russian comix "I think that's my line." Christine told her making Daphne smile. "No I really do like it." "Good, I may be as much American as British but I did inherit the British fondness for tea." Daphne said finally taking her first sip of tea. Christine watched as Daphne closed her eyes for a moment as she savored the flavor of the tea. When she opened her eyes again, she had a soft smile on her face. "Sorry got a little carried away there. It's just been a while since I could just sit and relax." "I understand, I've been on the run since I've been here. I love it here but it is also stressful and not having you here to talk to makes it all the more stressful." Christine said, admitting this as much to herself as she did to Daphne. "Maybe I should come here as I feel the same way being at Stanford. It's everything I had top list porn hoped it would be but I miss having someone to talk to." Daphne said quiet seriously. "No, we're both where we should be. And now we can come to see each other anytime we want plus talk on the phone and internet. If I need to see your face, then all I got to do is to turn on my cam and get you online." Christine told her. "I think we'll both be fine now." "You just want pretten top list to get me on the cam to see this hot body of mine." Daphne teased her. "Well that too." Christine said blushing. "I do wish we had picked the same school, you know." Daphne told her. "We each had our defloration russian real shock own dreams to follow and we need to follow them. Even though we may be traveling down different paths, it doesn't mean we can't travel them together." Christine said taking the last sip of her tea. As she poured them another cup of tea, Daphne replied with, "As confusing as that was, it does make sense and is very true. We can each live two adventures, our own and each others as we share." "To our adventures, separate and together." Christine said as she held her cup up to Daphne who clicked the delicate cups together and they both took a sip. They talked as they finished their tea, then after a visit to the loo, they returned to the bed where they made love for the rest of the evening. This time they did so slowly as they caressed and kissed. fresh russian pussy They moved around on the bed changing positions as they made love to each other, first one to the other then together. They stayed in bed until late that night when hunger took over their bodies. This time, they ordered from room service getting a nice dinner that they sat together eating and talking. 12yo nude top list It was only then that they returned to the bed, this time to sleep, spooning together like they had all summer long. "So what you want to do today?" Christine asked as they sat at the table eating their breakfast. russian polish porn pics "Whatever you want to, it doesn't matter to me." Daphne told her putting the last top list pre piece of toast with jam into her mouth. "I could show you around the campus?" Christine asked more than suggested. "Okay, I'd like that. I want to see if the girls here are as pretty as they are at Stanford." Daphne said teasing her. "In that case, we're not leaving russian nudist pictures the suite." Christine quickly replied. Daphne laughed big russian boys before saying, "That works too; we can spend all day in bed." "My pussy needs a rest so we're going to tour the campus but you're wearing a blindfold." Christine said getting up from the table. "Then I'll just sniff all the pretty pussies out." Daphne quipped. "Oh god you never give up!" Christine said laughing. "Nope," Daphne said looking very proud of herself. They walked to the campus as Christine told Daphne a little of the history of the University. She had wanted to go here since she was a child so she knew about everything there was to know about her school. Once on the porno pregnant russian campus, Daphne whistled at the first pretty girl making Christine pop her in the back of the head and causing Daphne to protest that action. However after that Daphne managed to behave herself. They spent most of the day on campus and then they ran into a couple of Christine's friends as they were getting ready to head back to Christine's suite. Christine wanted Daphne to like them and she did, even going to the point of inviting them to dinner. This wasn't exactly what Christine had in mind but it worked out. They all met at a nice restaurant where Daphne kept the girls entertained with the stories of the summer that she and Christine had spent building houses. The evening went well however Christine and Daphne ended it early as they had plans for the evening and that was to spend it alone in bed. "How about we take a bath? I think you'll like the tub; it has warming jets that keep the water nice and toasty." Christine asked as they came into the suite. "Does it have a place I can sit without falling in?" Daphne asked. Christine gave her a confused look as what did it naked teen top list matter if it had a place to sit which it did, then Daphne wiggled her tongue at her and Christine blushed as she remember the last time they took a bath and Daphne about drown her as she came. Once Christine got her blushing under control, she replied with, "Yes it does but that doesn't boy top list matter as I'm the one that's going to be sitting on the edge this time." "Don't trust me anymore?" Daphne asked looking hurt. "Not when you cum." Christine said with a laugh then she grabbed Daphne's hand pulling her toward the bathroom. Christine started the water putting in lots of lavender smelling bubble bath in as top list teenage naturist Daphne started to strip out of her jeans and knit top. Christine top list cuties stripped as Daphne peed then she took her place on the toilet. They then came together kissing and caressing each other as they waited for the tub to fill, as soon as it did Daphne got in first and then Christine. "Mmmm... this feels nice." Christine said as she sitting with her back against Daphne's chest and her legs stretched out between Daphne's legs. "Yes it does, very nice." russians nacked clubs Daphne cooed as she wrapped her arms around Christine folding her forearms just below Christine's breasts. Christine felt Daphne kissing her along the back of her neck making her moan and she felt her pussy start to get aroused as well as her nipples hardening. Christine put her hands on the top of Daphne's thighs, running them up and down them, caressing and giving them squeezes. They lay there talking little as they soaked in the tub. Then as the water began to cool, Christine sat up to turn on the water jets. The water began to circulate around then and Christine saw the smile on Daphne's face as she felt the warming water swirl around her body. Christine saw Daphne's nipples grow hard as her own were doing. Christine turned around in the tub sitting down in front of Daphne. She reached out to Daphne, pulling her up so that they were sitting close together with their legs wrapped around each. Christine placed her hands on Daphne's breasts giving them a tender squeeze as she leaned in to kiss her. While they were kissing, Christine felt Daphne's hands on her breasts where they began to pinch and squeeze her hard nipples. Christine had positioned them so that they were sitting between the side water jets so that the water rushed between their bodies thus adding to the sensations that they were giving to each other. Their mouths opened and their tongues met within Christine's mouth. Christine felt Daphne's tongue circling her tongue making her moan. She let her do this for a few moments before she caught that tongue, shucking it a little deeper into her mouth. She used her tongue to caress it as their hands grasped and caressed each other's breasts and nipples. Daphne withdrew her tongue, parting their lips as she did so. Then it was just the tips of their tongues kissing. Christine could feel her pussy getting very aroused and she couldn't help but to squirm as she felt Daphne doing. Christine brought their lips together, this time using more sensual kisses. She slowly dropped her right hand down to Daphne's pussy finding it swollen and aroused. Daphne's clit was peeking from is little hood so Christine took a moment to tease it bringing it out further and causing Daphne to moan. Christine stopped her kisses as she dropped her mouth to Daphne's right nipple which was at the water's edge and covered with bubbles. However that didn't stop Christine from sucking that nipple into her mouth. Daphne arched her back bringing her breasts from the water's edge. Christine sucked the nipple into her mouth, tasting the soap but intent on bringing Daphne's pleasure. Christine moved her fingers lower, slipping two of them into Daphne's pussy. "Oh fuck me," Daphne whispered into Christine's ear as she moved her mouth from the right nipple to the left one. Christine pushed her fingers in deeper into Daphne's pussy. She began to fuck her as Daphne raised her ass from the bottom of the tub. Christine sucked hard on the soapy nipple making it super hard. She used her teeth to tenderly bite on it making Daphne groan. Christine's fingers were working harder and faster into Daphne's pussy and she could feel it gripping her fingers. She worked them in and out using hard deep strokes that made Daphne cry out in pleasure. She moved her left hand down to Daphne's clit, using her fingers to pinch and roll it between them. Christine let go of the left nipple moving her head up to Daphne's left ear, whispering, "Cum hard for me baby, cum hard." Christine gave Daphne's clit a hard pinch as she drove her fingers in as deep as she could. Daphne arched her back, crying out as the orgasm that Christine had caused washed over her. Christine released Daphne's pussy grabbing a hold of her so that she wouldn't sink into the water as she was prone to do. She kissed her face and lips as Daphne's eye lids fluttered and her breathing slowly returned to normal. "You bloody well know just how to get me off don't you.' Daphne told her in a voice that was barely over a whisper. "I try my best." Christine said feeling good that she had brought her lover so much pleasure. "And I know just how to get that body of yours to sing." Daphne said as she got up on her knees, then placing her hands under Christine's underarms. Christine felt herself being lifted up and she helped Daphne by rising onto her knees with her. Christine felt herself being pushed back until her ass hit the end of the tub where there was sort of a seat made in the tub. Christine knew what Daphne wanted of her so she slipped her ass up on the seat, opening her legs as she did so. sexy rus